vCenter 7.0 requires LACP v2

When upgrading to vCenter 7.0 one of the prerequisites to check is the versions of the existing vSphere Distributed Switches (VDS) in the environment. They need to be at version 6.0 or higher. Recently I was helping a customer upgrading to vCenter 7.0 and all their VDS’es were at version 6.6.0, and all other prerequisites where met as well, so we went ahead with the upgrade.

vCenter Upgrade Stage 1 completed successfully but early in vCenter Upgrade Stage 2 we got the following error message:

“Source vCenter Server has instance(s) of Distributed Virtual Switch at unsupported lacpApiVersion.”

I found this strange since the customer was running vCenter 6.7, and basic LACP (LACPv1) is only supported on vSphere versions 6.5 or below. Somehow this customer had upgraded to vCenter 6.7 and VDS 6.6.0 without upgrading to LACP v2. When you upgrade a vSphere Distributed Switch from version 5.1 to version 6.5, the LACP support is enhanced automatically. If basic LACP support was enabled on the distributed switch before the upgrade, the LACP support should be enhanced manually. The customer was not longer using LACP, but they had used it in the past.

The following KB provides the prerequisites and steps to convert to the Enhanced Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP v2) support mode on a vSphere Distributed Switch in vSphere:

Converting to Enhanced LACP Support on a vSphere Distributed Switch- “Source vCenter Server has instance(s) of Distributed Virtual Switch at unsupported lacpApiVersion” (2051311)

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