Unable to query vSphere health information. Check vSphere Client logs for details.

I have been helping quite a few customers with upgrading to vSphere 7.0 lately. In this post I will share an issue we encountered when upgrading from vCenter 6.7 to 7.0 and how we resolved it.

Prior to starting the upgrade I always do a thorough health check of the existing environment. The following error message quickly got my attention when trying to run Skyline Health:

“Unable to query vSphere health information. Check vSphere Client logs for details.”

Rebooting the vCenter Appliance didn’t resolve this, and we always try to turn it off and on again first, right? I started looking into the logs and searching the web for others who have had the same error message and found a few cases where this issue was resolved by starting the VMware Analytics Service but this was already running fine.

After digging further through the logs I found that the following KB may be exactly what we needed:

vCenter Server certificate validation error for external solutions in environments with Embedded Platform Services Controller (2121689)

The resolution in the KB solved this problem and we could move on with the upgrade.

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